15 Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Home

Virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa are increasingly integrated into our daily lives. Recently, Google released the products of its rival Amazon. The name of Google Home Assistant is Google Home, and it can help you in surprising ways that you may not realize at first. Here are 15 features that might surprise you.

1. Use as a speaker

As we all know, it is equipped with Bluetooth speakers. However, it is not limited to connecting to a cell phone and playing playlists. It can connect with many kinds of music streaming services, such as Spotify and Pandora. Not only that, but you can also use the integrated Chrome browser on any computer to connect the computer to the computer and use it as a desktop speaker.

2. Read the news of 1851

It has a database of news headlines dating back to 1851. All you have to do is request the news on a specific date. It then reads the headlines of the day and summarizes the news in that article.

3. Find your phone

With a simple sentence, the Google Home Assistant can call someone to help you find it. If your phone is silent or vibrates and is compatible with Google Home, it will even exit silent mode so you can hear the phone’s ringtone.

4. Switch the lights on or off

It is advertised as the central hub for all smart devices. If you have a compatible bulb (such as a Philips Hue bulb), you can ask it to turn the bulb off and on without pressing the switch.

5. Use touch commands

It is equipped with touch-sensitive technology, which can know where your fingers are and record many gestures. You can tap the top to pause and resume the music, then slide your finger to the side to open the volume control. Google promises to provide more touch command features in the future.

6. Purchase an Uber

By connecting your Uber app to Google Home and providing some settings, you can ask it to provide an Uber so you can enter your home in minutes.

7. Cooking recipes

Perhaps one of the most useful features, it can find five million recipes through multiple databases (such as New York Time and Food Network). Google Home Assistant introduces recipes step-by-step, and you can even request conversion and ingredient replacement.

8. Play 20 questions

It connects to Akinator, an online version of 20 questions. Just thinking about something, Akinator will ask questions through Google Home to narrow the scope. It is a perfect choice if you are bored or want to keep your kids busy.

9. Keep a grocery list

Google Home has many functions in the kitchen. If you miss something, ask the Google Assistant to add the item to your shopping list. The shopping list is automatically sent to any integrated phone or smart device.

10. Integration with Chromecast

If you have a Chromecast (Google’s home TV option), you can control it with Google Home and voice commands. You can ask for a specific video or ask it to rewind, fast forward, or go to a specific time.

11. Understand your traffic

By adding your home address and work location to the app, Google Home Assistant can inform you about traffic conditions and other alternative routes you can take to save time.

12. Impress your guests

Your guests can also use it. All they have to do is pair the device with Google Home, which actually takes a few seconds. After pairing, they can place orders and ask questions.

13. View your photos on TV

You can grant him access to your photo accounts, such as Google Photo and Photobucket. Once done, you can use Chromecast to display images on the TV or even request specific images based on location and date.

14. Relax

It has more than 15 kinds of environmental sounds, including forest atmosphere and the sound of waves, which can help you relax or fall asleep.

15. Just kidding

It can even tell jokes. Just ask, you will receive it.

These features allow you to use Google Home to control, and more features will be added soon, now is a great time to buy this excellent home assistant.

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