5 Ways To Choose The Best Led Stadium Lights

Today, the popularity of LED stadium lighting is on the rise. These lamps are now needed for almost all types of sports competitions. They have even been installed in stadiums around the world. These lamps are environmentally friendly and can support many other applications as well. In this article, we will share some tips that can help you choose best-LED stadium lighting. Read more.

Choose an advanced chip.

If you opt for high-quality equipment, you can choose from different color temperatures, brightness, and light effects. Many brands use the most advanced technology to make LEDs, such as COB and SMD.

In fact, the failure rate of these chips is much lower. Hence, you need to install LED lights on high-quality chips. These units will stand the test of time.

Consider luminous efficacy

When it comes to LED performance, light efficiency is one of the most important factors to consider. In fact, the light output is calculated based on the lumens generated by the consumed electrical energy.

Also, luminous efficiency means the efficiency of the unit to generate light. Usually, the unit is lumens. Advances in LED technology have resulted in LEDs producing 100 lumens of light per watt. However, if you choose a higher quality device, you can get a higher light output.

Consider the beam angle.

Usually, the angle of the beam determines how the light is distributed. Higher brightness cannot be obtained if it has a higher light uniformity and a wider beam angle. On the other hand, if the beam’s angle is very narrow, you will enjoy lower light uniformity.

In this case, the light is very bright, and you can see many spots on the ground. Make sure to choose a light source with the correct beam angle to balance light and brightness. Most operators will hire engineers to perform photometric analysis to select the light with the correct beam angle.

The device must be waterproof.

The LED bulbs you choose should be waterproof as these devices’ life and efficiency depend on where they are installed. Since these lamps are installed outdoors, they are affected by many factors such as water and humidity.

Therefore, these lamps must be designed so that they can remain intact even in contact with water. For the same reason, you should buy that waterproof gear.

Consider the color rendering index.

CRI refers to the accuracy of displaying the color of the LED. This phenomenon shows how the object will look when illuminated by the LED. Therefore, if the CRI of the unit is higher, you will enjoy better colors. When buying LED stadium lighting, make sure that the CRI level you choose is above 80.

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