Among At-Risk Populations Worldwide, DKT International’s Social Marketing Programs Help Prevent the Spread of HIV/AIDS Through Education and Contraceptives

World AIDS Day 2018 highlights the importance of DKT’s partnerships, educational campaigns, and contraceptive products that promote safe sex

Press Release – Washington, D.C.: With the World AIDS Day 2018 Red Ribbon Campaign in full swing, DKT International, a global non-profit dedicated to family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention, continues its efforts to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS through its country and regional initiatives to increase condom use.

Although the world has made progress in curbing the advance of HIV/AIDS and its treatment, in 2017, 36.9 million people worldwide were living with HIV, and 1.8 million people became newly infected. This represents a decline in annual new infections of 18% since 2001; nevertheless, the world continues to grapple with the HIV epidemic. DKT continues to provide high quality, affordable condoms and innovative marketing and education in 24 countries around the world, greatly reducing the risk of HIV/AIDS.

“DKT’s educational efforts and aggressive social marketing campaigns promote condom use every single day in the most underserved and remote regions of the globe from Africa to Latin America and Asia, comprising almost 63% of the world’s population,” says Chris Purdy, CEO and President of DKT International. “By making condoms available and affordable, in 2017 alone, we were able to provide 666 million condoms, contributing to 36 million couple years of protection (CYPs) worldwide. Because complacency is the enemy of progress, we hope people will participate in the many World AIDS Day events and contribute to the organizations working so hard to make HIV/AIDS a thing of the past.”

DKT’s multi-faceted educational and condom promotions are based on the unique needs and culture of each region. Here are a few examples:

  • DKT Brazil/South America
    In Brazil, DKT sold 122,516,120 condoms, conducting “blitz” campaigns in which it distributes free samples of its Prudence brand condoms at festivals, nightclubs, bars and special events, such as Carnival, the World Cup, and the “Terça Trans” festival in São Paulo, one of the largest celebrations for the trans community in Brazil.
  • DKT India
    With multiple programs operating throughout India, more than 522 million condoms were sold in 2017. DKT India operates nationwide, including in many rural villages that have no pharmacies. Villagers purchase necessities from the nearest market towns, where DKT conducts special promotional activities and provides three different condom brands to more than 80,000 retailers.
  • DKT Philippines
    Focusing on HIV/AIDS prevention as well as family planning, DKT Philippines has launched a variety of educational campaigns, including promoting condom use in brothels and hotels. DKT’s TRUST brand of condoms have become the leading condom in the market, with more than 100 million sold.
  • DKT Kenya
    About half of Kenya’s 50 million people are age 25 and under, an important population segment needing both information and products for sexual and reproductive health. The country has a very high unmet need for modern contraception among youth and at-risk populations. Kiss and Fiesta condom sales totaled more than one million. TV ads for Kiss featured Joe Chuma, a popular and outspoken celebrity and candidate for the country’s presidency.

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