Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Rebekah Gregory Launches Non-Profit

Rebekah’s Angels Foundation to provide resources and financial assistance to children with PTSD

Press Release – Houston, TX (January 23, 2018) – According to the National Center for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), childhood protection services in the United States receives approximately three million reports involving 5.5 million children. It’s also estimated that three to ten million children witness family violence each year. Many of these children experience PTSD, which often goes untreated due to lack of knowledge on resources available, and costs associated with therapeutic treatment. This can lead to major problems through adolescence and into adulthood including substance abuse, violence, and even suicide.

Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Rebekah Gregory has founded Rebekah’s Angels Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to providing hope, resources and financial assistance to children suffering with PTSD due to trauma.

Rebekah Gregory and her son, Noah, were three feet away from the first bomb that detonated at the Boston Marathon. Playing at his mother’s feet, Noah miraculously walked away almost unscathed, while his mother’s legs took the brunt of the blast and eventually resulted in the amputation of her left leg below the knee. The emotional aftermath Noah endured, however, was far worse than any of the physical trials either of them faced. With proper treatment, Noah has been able to thrive and become a happy, healthy child.

“I never realized how debilitating childhood PTSD could be until my five year old son refused to leave the house because he was so scared,” said Gregory. “PTSD is the worst part of our life, but it has also become my greatest passion. People need to know that childhood PTSD can be treated if it is handled properly, and that is where Rebekah’s Angels Foundation comes in. This Foundation gives every nightmare, flashback and sleepless night I’ve experienced in the last five years more purpose than I ever could have imagined. Over the last several years my family and I have felt the hearts of millions across the world pour love out to us. Now it is time to give that back ten-fold.”

Each case of PTSD is unique. PTSD can be triggered through sexual abuse or violence, physical abuse, natural or man made disasters, violent crimes, motor vehicle accidents, or witnessing violence.

Through an extensive application process, Rebekah’s Angels Foundation will evaluate each individual need and provide funding based on an individualized approach including therapeutic treatments, training for parents and caregivers, medications and in extreme cases – service animals. Rebekah’s Angels has a network of the best PTSD therapists and partner organizations that will expedite the process for treatment. The goal is to turn obstacles into opportunities and bring new hope for children suffering from PTSD.

”Through non-profits like Rebekah’s Angels Foundation, the youngest members of our community can receive the treatment they deserve and desperately need,” said trauma-focused therapist Jacqui Broadus. “It is easier to work through struggles while one is young than waiting to tackle a lifetime of trauma and hurt as an adult. By supporting this program, you are truly giving a child a chance to heal and have a better chance at a healthier today and tomorrow.”

To find out more information, apply for services, donate towards treatment, become a partner therapist or sponsor organization, please visit

Rebekah Gregory is a world-renowned motivational speaker and the author of Taking My Life Back: My Story of Faith, Determination and Surviving the Boston Marathon Bombing. Her story has been featured in a variety of media outlets including: TODAY, Good Morning America, FOX, CNN, Ellen, ESPN, PEOPLE, The Doctors, and many more. Rebekah has a passion for helping others and is the founder of Rebekah’s Angels, a non-profit dedicated to providing financial assistance to children with PTSD due to trauma. Rebekah is married to the love of her life, Chris, and together they have two beautiful children.
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