‘Business In Society’ TV Links Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Teaching with Practice

NEW YORK, Aug. 27, 2013The new television series “Business In Society” today begins providing free issues-oriented programming for 10 U.S. universities and colleges teaching corporate social responsibility and sustainable development for classroom instruction, student assignments, research and other academic uses.

In the first initiative of its kind, five half-hour programs deliver practical insights on fast-evolving corporate social responsibility and sustainable development business models integrating environmental, social and governance commitments with traditional corporate objectives.

“Our Academic Engagement Program links corporate social responsibility and sustainable development theory with practice in an unprecedented manner,” said John Paluszek, executive producer of “Business In Society.” “Each program delivers expert reporting and analysis on best corporate practices, partnering with civil society and government, and progress and challenges.”

Program titles include “Worldwide Sustainable Development – U.N. Global Compact,” “What Women Want Now – And How They‘ll Get It,” “The Bangladesh Tragedy: The Tipping Point From Hell?,” “Business and Human Rights,” and “The CEO Water Mandate.”


For more information about “Business In Society,” visit www.businessinsociety.net.



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