“Business Rockstars” Acquires CoFoundersLab

One of the largest entrepreneurial platforms just got a whole lot bigger

Press Release – LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) APRIL 11, 2018: “Business Rockstars”, one of the largest entrepreneurial platforms, has acquired CoFoundersLab, the leader in start-up partner matchmaking and entrepreneurial growth resources. With the merging of these two platforms, aspiring entrepreneurs will have access to cutting edge video and audio content, business templates, step-by-step business course instruction, networking, group and personalized mentoring.

“Entrepreneurs and startups are driving the new economy,” says “Business Rockstars” Chairman, Steve Lehman. “Combining our content, media and distribution with the CoFoundersLab community of over 400,000 entrepreneurs, “Business Rockstars” is an even bigger powerhouse of resources and connector points for entrepreneurs world-wide.”

“Business Rockstars” content is created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. It empowers a community through real-life stories and experiences from some of the world’s biggest and most accomplished CEO’s, entrepreneurs, influencers and industry disruptors. “Business Rockstars” reaches millions of people weekly on TV, OTT, digital, radio, podcast and other content platforms.

“This is a very synergistic fit,” says Alejandro Cremades, Executive Chairman of CoFoundersLab. “It creates a unique entrepreneurial ecosystem. CoFoundersLab’s industry-leading startup- partner matchmaking services will combine with “Business Rockstars” to create an even bigger, more collaborative entrepreneurial community.

Starting a business can be one of the most rewarding, yet challenging experiences.

The combined strength of “Business Rockstars” and CoFoundersLab creates a unique destination for entrepreneurs with comprehensive resources to start, grow and fund their Companies.

Josh Wenner, President of Membership Services which will now include CoFoundersLab, will be leading the execution and vision to integrate the CoFoundersLab community within the Business Rockstars distribution platform.

About Business Rockstars

Business Rockstars is the biggest entrepreneur platform on the planet. It produces video and audio content by award winning content creators and influencers. Business Rockstars’ shows are produced from its Burbank CA. studios, with remote video broadcast facilities in San Francisco at the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center and NY from NASDAQ MarketSite, Time Square. Business Rockstars can be seen in 43 million TV households, 5 million Delta seatbacks per month, 110 US airports, 750k premium hotel rooms, 150 Radio markets, Dash Radio, all major podcast platforms and has 1 million social media followers. Business Rockstars’ digital content can be seen on Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, MSN and others. For more information visit: http://www.businessrockstars.com.

About CoFoundersLab

CoFoundersLab is the largest network for entrepreneurs and founders that are looking to build and scale their businesses. CoFoundersLab helps entrepreneurs with one of the hardest, yet most critical, first steps in launching a startup: finding the right co-founder(s)/business partner(s). They do this via an online matching platform. Think Match.com for entrepreneurs. CoFoundersLab has a community of 400,000 individuals and provides the discussion forums, templates and courses to help entrepreneurs start, grow and fund their companies. For more information visit: http://www.cofounderslab.com.

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