Cancer Charity Expands To Help More Children Whose Parents Have Cancer

Press Release – SAN MARINO, CA. March 23, 2018 – Help with Hope, a non-profit charity created by two kids who wanted to make a difference and help children whose parents have cancer, has expanded to reach and support more children.

An estimated 2.85 million children in the US live with a parent that has been diagnosed with cancer. [1]

“Historically, most cancer charities have focused on supporting the actual cancer patient which is a wonderful endeavor. However, there are millions of children that quietly suffer as the family dedicates time and resources to confront this tragic situation. A cancer diagnosis can be draining on a family. We’re here to foster a dialogue that can address the psychosocial aspects of having a parent with cancer,” said Jenny Yessaian, Help with Hope Founder and Executive Director.


4 distinct services

  1. Age-based Care Packages for kids: designed to offer emotional support
  2. Care Packages for Parents: designed to support difficult conversations
  3. Bereavement care Package: designed to help during the grieving process
  4. Online Support Group: a forum to learn new coping mechanisms

More than 1,000 care packages have been distributed to families in over 20 states.

Learn more or request a care package at

[1] Weaver, PhD, MPH; Parental cancer and the family: A population-based estimate of the number of US cancer survivors residing with their minor children; Cancer. 2010 Sep 15; 116(18): 4395–4401
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