Choosing an Ideal Surge Protection Device

When choosing the ideal surge protection equipment and circuit breaker, many parameters must be met. Many devices can be used, but it is always important to assess the risks.

Rules to consider

It is important to realize that surge protection equipment is very important. You must choose the best to ensure that you are always well protected.

1. Familiarize yourself with the available options. You can consider many types and categories. This is the only way to make the most suitable selection based on your needs.

2. You must also estimate the risk of lightning strikes and the discharge capacity.

3. Protect the surge protector. It’s also essential to protect it. This makes everything safer.


There are three different types of equipment. To make the switchboard safe, it is sufficient to use a Type 2 SPD protective cover. However, you need to focus on the discharge capacity.

Risk assessment

The risks involved in the assessment are usually very complex. This is also a very tedious process. The important thing is to take into account areas where there can be many risks and areas where the risks are not high. After that, it should be easy to choose the best SPD that works best for you. You need to assess the buildings to be protected.

Thunder and lightning are a common occurrence in many parts of the Earth. Some areas have higher risks than others. In some areas, there is no lightning at all. The danger of lightning strikes is not density. Different regions have their own evaluation standards. Some countries impose standards when considering the use of surge protection equipment for susceptible large buildings (such as data centres, hospitals and industrial facilities).

Surge protection should always be used for safety reasons. If the distance between the surge protector and the protected device is more than 10 meters, surge protectors must be installed on both sides.

Surge protection protection

Normally, surge protectors will not trip. However, many things can happen, including:

When the current does not exceed the lightning properties, a certain current can cause thermal overcurrent. Even if the speed is low, it can cause damage to internal components.

Because the maximum flow is exceeded, a short circuit occurs. It can also be due to a fault in the distribution network whose frequency is lower than Hz, such as a phase neutral inverter, neutral ecstasy, etc.

The disconnection is usually done by the person using the short circuit, which can be integrated or external. The device can be a circuit breaker or a fuse breaker.

Sometimes it may be necessary to use an external circuit breaker. However, many manufacturers have integrated them into one chassis today. Select the circuit breaker according to the current in the building with the surge protector. Different types of circuit breakers are used in residential and commercial buildings.
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