Enable Impact Launches Funding Platform For Impact Investing

AUSTIN, TX (March 29, 2016) – Impact Investors ­– investors who are seeking opportunities that offer both a fair financial return and a positive social impact – are a growing part of the evolving investment community. Also increasing is the number of social ventures, especially startups, that are seeking to do well and do good.

The ongoing challenge for impact investors has been finding the right deals. Social ventures seeking impact investors are facing the same problem: finding qualified investors.

Enable Impact, founded by technology entrepreneur and philanthropist Philip Berber, has just launched a new online platform for impact investing, where accredited investors can discover, analyze, and fund, social ventures.

The innovative investment technology is designed to make it potentially easier, quicker and less expensive for impact investors to find and fund deals. Equally, social entrepreneurs can raise capital in a more efficient and effective way.

Over the past two years, Enable Impact has built a network of thousands of social ventures and entrepreneurs and impact investors, who can match and connect within Enable Impact’s global searchable database, free of charge.

The launch of the new platform shifts Enable Impact from a free search service to a success fee-based model, working closely with a select number of curated ventures and some of the leading active impact investors to help get deals funded.

“We are now focusing on a select number of deals, bringing curated deal flow to our investor network. We bring co-investors together to close the round, bringing capital and enterprise together, to create sustainable solutions to global issues” explained Berber.

Enable Impact has partnered with North Capital for broker dealer and technology services. Accredited investors can now find and fund deals, and growth-stage social ventures can raise capital within one integrated, FINRA-regulated, impact investing platform.

The partnership allows Enable Impact to piggyback North Capital’s brokerage experience and infrastructure to accelerate the availability of these investment services in the impact sector. Now the same technology that has driven the success of funding platforms in other sectors, such as technology, real estate and consumer products, can help create double-bottom line ventures that potentially do well, and do good.

“Impact investing is a rapidly evolving area of finance that is well-suited to early and growth-stage deals, and the Enable Impact team brings a level of expertise, focus, and purpose that we have not seen before,” said James Dowd, Founder and Managing Director, North Capital.

Enable Impact’s deals are growth-stage, vetted ventures that have a lead investor, looking for co-investors to close the round. Due diligence and documentation, including legal documents, are reviewed and executed within the Deal Room on the platform, and Deal flow is delivered to the investor’s Inbox.

Enable Impact has already helped three social ventures raise equity: Agora for Good, NurtureMe and PenPals and the need continues to grow.

“We’re currently seeing a marketplace breakdown in impact investing. While thousands of great companies are starting each year, and billions of dollars are targeted at impact investing, very few companies are actually getting funded. Enable Impact can bridge this gap,” said Ross Baird, Executive Director of Village Capital, an organization that finds and funds ventures solving major global problems.

Please visit the new website to learn more and have a look at the Investor led deals that we are currently gauging investment in.

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