Greencard Creative Uses Strategic Vision And Design Thinking To Brand New Health And Wellness Company

New York City Branding Firm Launches Site for Lyfebulb – an Inspiring Platform of Support for People with Diabetes and Other Chronic Conditions

NEW YORK – March 18, 2014 – Greencard Creative (GC), a New York City-based branding, strategy and design company, continues to push the boundaries of the branding world with its latest project, building an online presence for Lyfebulb, a health and wellness platform that strives to educate and inspire individuals with diabetes and other chronic conditions to lead better lives. As GC celebrates its five year anniversary, they worked closely with Lyfebulb, to develop a refreshing image and website launch with the goal of developing a platform of support for people to feel connected, educated, and inspired.

Lyfebulb aims to not only reach individuals with diabetes, but also their friends and family, creating a forum for conversation, information-sharing and learning for all stakeholders. GC was tasked with making Lyfebulb stand out from the sea of other diabetes-related websites and to grab people’s attention while providing a community where individuals could join together and learn how to live life to the fullest. GC is supporting Lyfebulb in their efforts to rebrand the perception of diabetes and tie in the inspirational services that Lyfebulb will offer.

In order to create an image for the Lyfebulb brand, GC needed to explore the intersection of health, science, innovation, fashion and empathy. Dr. Karin Hehenberger, founder of Lyfebulb, is more than a person with diabetes. She is a doctor, scientist, businesswoman, health and wellness guru, and fashionista. GC combined the glamour of the fashion world with science and medicine to develop the aspirational but inclusive and mainstream message of the brand.

GC used its unique Design Thinking technique to map out a blueprint for the new visual presence of the company. CEO Tatiana Pagés fuses strategy with design, a working method that is not typically characteristic of agencies like hers. “Instead of using design thinking solely to create a product, we incorporate this approach into the overall strategy and branding processes,” said Pagés. “We look at a variety of disciplines and categories in order to come up with innovative ideas for our clients.”

GC proposed purple as a powerful signature color for Lyfebulb and then perfected the logo to further relay the company’s mission, “Connect People, Inspire Change, Impact Lives.” GC designed and programmed the full Lyfebulb website, creating a welcoming and inspiring environment from the moment a new user enters the site.

“We are excited to work with Tatiana and her team to develop a novel website, incorporating our culture and strategy,” stated Dr. Hehenberger. “Through the on- and off-line communities we are building, we want to enable users to share their experiences, connect with others and impact lives.”

About Greencard Creative

Greencard Creative is a New York City-based branding, strategy and design firm. Greencard Creative was founded by Tatiana Pagés, a brand visionary with unique expertise in the U.S. and Latin American markets. Through in-depth research, Greencard Creative looks at human behavior and uncovers key consumer insights to help build global brand movements. Greencard Creative has worked with notable clients and brands including Smirnoff Ice, Pepsico/Ocean Spray, Heineken, Diageo, Petit Nectars, Gallo Winery, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Frito Lay, Campbell’s, and the Country of Ecuador. For more information, visit

About Lyfebulb:

Founded by Dr. Karin Hehenberger, a health and wellness expert, Lyfebulb seeks to improve the lives of people with diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. The company builds awareness for the disease in the general population, will become the preeminent on and offline resource in the community, identifies next generation therapies and cures, and will secure financing for select opportunities.
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