Haitian entrepreneur launches crowdfunding campaign to rebuild fuel-efficient stoves factory destroyed in earthquake

8 July 2013 (New York, NY) – Haitian social enterprise  D&E Green Enterprises is launching a campaign through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to rebuild a factory destroyed during the 2010 earthquake. The project will help improve the lives of people in Haiti by bringing a fuel-efficient charcoal cooking stove to the market.


In 2009, entrepreneur Duquesne Fednard set up D&E Green Enterprises to produce an efficient charcoal-burning stove that would reduce the amount of charcoal needed to cook food, and ease the strain on Haiti’s overexploited forests. The specially designed cooking stove – called the EcoRecho – uses 50% less charcoal than traditional Haitian cooking stoves.


But in January 2010, Duquesne’s newly built cookstoves factory was destroyed by the earthquake in Haiti. Production continued in donated tents, which were later damaged by hurricanes Isaac and Sandy. Although Duquesne thought of giving up, his dedicated staff persuaded him to keep going.


In the face of adversity, D&E Green Enterprises has made and sold 33,000 of its EcoRecho stoves in the past three years. It has now turned to crowdfunding in a bid to rebuild its factory and enter full production.


Duquesne Fednard, CEO of D&E Green Enterprises said:

“A simple device such as a cookstove has the power to truly transform Haiti by empowering households, end users and small businesses. The fact that D&E can achieve this cheaply and safely for the environment is really a win-win situation. Our vision is to break the cycle of energy poverty by specializing in the manufacture and distribution of low-cost, high-efficiency energy technologies for people living in the developing world. By backing this project, people will help  better the living conditions of both present and future generations in Haiti.”


A range of perks is being offered by the campaign. At the lowest level, backers will have their names inscribed on the factory wall. A range of higher level perks are also available – including a chance to visit the factory once it is built.


To support the campaign, go to http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fight-energy-poverty-rebuilding-an-efficient-stove-factory


To find out more about D&E Green Enterprises, visit http://www.dandegreen.org/ and follow @DEGreenEnt on Twitter

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