Who we are: 

Mu’Ron was created byAmadeusz Topka and Faisal Afzal in 2010 by a mutual interest in luxury, fashion, and fine fragrances. The company’s goal is to use the highest quality oils to create a long lasting scent to enhance one’s lifestyle. As Mu’Ron, their mission is to use environmental friendly resources and cutting edge technology to deliver the highest quality product. The current focus is to design a basic air-freshener, which will deliver a designer fragrance. 

Industry insiders understand that today’s air-fresheners lack masculine and feminine aromas and far from resemble the average cologne or perfume. Contemporary air-fresheners come in a wide-range of scents, such as pine, cherry, vanilla, lemon, and many more. However, none of them posses the unique fragrance that is present in contemporary perfumes & colognes.

What sets Mu’Ron’s products apart from the rest is their chic designer fragrance and distinctive shape. As of late, the team has primarily been working with designer oils, which are blended from the purest and highest quality materials. The team’s aim is to foster a meilleur ambiance et in the current air-fresheners for today’s market. 

Mu’Ron has taken part in many events that focused specifically on giving back not only to our communities but also for important social causes. We have attended two specific events in downtown Chicago where all the proceeds went to the National Diabetes Foundation of America and one for the Cancer Association of America and many more coming in the latter of the year. Since we are a start-up we get invited around our community to various schools to give lectures regarding success and share our story of success. Our community has started to notice us and have supported us over the years. We believe that every individual has what it takes to get to the top, all one needs is a little guidance and self-belief. If two immigrants can come to this country at a young age and work very hard and become successful people anyone can. Through all the adversities, trials and tribulations we managed to overcome all the odds. My partner who is the CEO/Founder of Mu’Ron has gone through everything from fighting poverty, ill health of his mother, to financial constraints. A good example of this is without a car, a working phone, and standard amenities he still managed to walk to wherever we needed to be so we can attend that specific meeting/event. Mu’Ron as a company and future leaders of the “Youth” feel a social responsibility to help out those who need that motivation to achieve their goals. Having whatever little resources we manage to find a way to get things done. Over the course of the coming years we have planned out everything from the expansion to the company, technology/resources we will use as well as creating a foundation to support those individuals who are in need of guidance in life to achieve success in becoming what they envision. Life is a journey that has many hitches along the way, but the measure of a true individual is one who can overcome the obstacles and get to where they need to be.  This is what Mu’Ron as a Company stands for, and these are the morals we as Leaders believe and follow.

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