Pluralsight One Announces New Products for Nonprofit and Education Sectors to Democratize Technology Skills

Press Release – SILICON SLOPES, Utah – August 30, 2018Pluralsight, Inc.(NASDAQ: PS), the enterprise technology learning platform, today announced new product offerings through the company’s social enterprise Pluralsight One to drive significant, lasting social impact by improving equal access to technology skills. Pluralsight One is launching products for the social and education sectors to amplify their capacity and equip them and the communities they support with the technology skills needed to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

“When we created Pluralsight One a year ago, we wanted to build something that would meaningfully contribute to making the world a better place for everyone,” said Aaron Skonnard, Co-founder and CEO of Pluralsight. “Whether it’s working with displaced youth, deeply understanding the needs of nonprofits and those they serve, funding programs that provide technology access to women and girls, working with organizations like and CSTA, Pluralsight One is democratizing technology skills to create a better future for us all.”

Through the new Pluralsight One products, global nonprofits will have the ability to develop technology skills to accelerate their missions and maximize their impact. Pluralsight One is offering nonprofits steeply discounted access to the Pluralsight platform to improve operational and programmatic capacity through technology skill development that in turn enables them to better serve their communities and solve global challenges. In addition, nonprofits can also make the Pluralsight platform available to their beneficiaries directly so that they, too, can learn from world-renowned technology experts and access more opportunities through technology.

Pluralsight One has already seen the power of technology skills development in action through its growing nonprofit community around the world. Leading global nonprofits are already making an impact for the world through technology and building skills that will expand employment opportunities for underserved and at risk communities. From global nonprofits that are building technology solutions to track and respond to Ebola to those that are working on skill development for young refugees across the Middle East to anti-human trafficking organizations working on employability, great work is underway to create progress through technology.

“Technology touches every industry and fuels innovation, participation and creation. Unfortunately, nonprofits often lack the resources to keep pace and are being left behind in the midst of digital transformation,” said Lindsey Kneuven, Head of Social Impact for Pluralsight.

“Through Pluralsight One and our new products, we are equalizing opportunities to learn, and empowering nonprofits to apply technology to innovate, disrupt, and build agency among the populations they support.”

Pluralsight One combined best practices from the humanitarian and development sectors with Pluralsight’s ground-breaking process of Directed Discovery to create the new nonprofit products. The team conducted a global needs assessment with thousands of organizations around the world. The Pluralsight One team tested these findings through an in-depth pilot program with 40 nonprofits across 16 countries to co-create an offering that best fits the needs of nonprofits and their beneficiaries. The new products will help build capacity among nonprofits and develop the technology skills among teams and individuals needed to build better lives and a better future for us all.

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