Soma Unveils Limited Edition charity: water Carafe and Filter

Water that tastes good and does better

San Francisco, CA (November 13, 2013) –Today Soma, creators of the smart, sustainable, beautiful water filter, announces its first collaborative product in partnership with leading water non-profit organization, charity: water. The limited edition glass carafe and water filter is available today in charity: water’s signature yellow to bring color with a cause to the kitchen along with clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations around the world.

This September, Soma made waves in the marketplace with its award-winning water filter that is as innovative and convenient as it is conscious and ethical. With a unique glass carafe, Soma is the first water filter designed with the consumer in mind—an hourglass, intuitive shape that is not only functional, but stylish: intended to be showcased in the home, not hidden in the refrigerator. Soma also provides a convenient subscription service that delivers biodegradable replacement filters right to your doorstep, so you never forget to change them on time.

The modern design is only the beginning of Soma’s impact. From day one, Founder Mike Del Ponte imagined that Soma would provide an experience that just kept on getting better and better as the company grew. After all, Soma’s not only an aesthetically pleasing product; it’s one that’s also ethically sound. Soma features a 100% biodegradable filter, made of coconut shells, silk, and a plant-based casing. For less than 25 cents a day, customers can have great tasting, pure drinking water for their entire home. The largest impact Soma makes it through its partnership with charity: water. For every filter purchased, Soma supports charity: water’s mission to bring clean, safe drinking water to every person on the planet. With the limited edition charity: water carafe, Soma will additionally donate $12.50 for every carafe purchased. 

“We’re grateful to have the ongoing support of Soma and are thrilled to team up with them on the new Limited Edition carafe for the holidays. Soma’s customers are an inspired group and we’re excited to enlist their support in our mission to bring clean, safe drinking water to people in need around the world,” said Scott Harrison, founder and CEO of charity: water.

“Soma exists to help everyone live healthy, fun, and purpose-filled lives. Our partnership with charity: water exemplifies this mission. We love knowing that our customers are making a difference every time they buy a Soma filter,” added Mike Del Ponte, co-founder and CEO of Soma.
Since its start in 2006, charity: water has funded more than 8,000 projects, helping bring clean and safe drinking water to more than 3.2 million people in developing nations. Learn more about the Soma

The Limited Edition charity: water Soma carafe and filter retails for $49.00 with each replacement filter priced at $12.99, including shipping. Soma is now available to order on exclusively on

For more information about Soma charity: water partnership visit
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