SPLASSH Launches Crowdsourcing Campaign To Develop A Social Platform That Promotes Water Conservation Through Awareness

SPLASSH will use funds to develop an engaging, real-time outreach tool designed for students, citizen scientists, and researchers to share their water projects

Atlanta, GA, June 30, 2014 – SPLASSH ), an organization that captures and shares information about water collected by students, citizen scientists, and researchers in an effort to better understand the condition of our waterways, today announced the official company launch and the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on http://experiment.com.

The raised funds from this campaign will support the development of a gamification feature for SPLASSH that is designed to attract users to share their water projects and recognize them for their contributions.

“Leveraging social networks to connect people and their efforts to work on water sustainability projects together is important to shaping our water future. After all, we’re all connected by water and downstream from one another. I’m excited that Lisa Adams and SPLASSH are engaging youth on this,” said, Alexandra Cousteau, Founder and President, Blue Legacy International, Washington, DC.

“Some of the biggest global challenges that we face involve the sustainable use of water, and the key to water conservation is better understanding the condition of our water, which affects our public health, environment, and economy,” said Lisa G. Adams, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Kennesaw State University and Founder of SPLASSH. “The funds we raise will be used to help harness the untapped workforce that collects vast amounts of information about our waterways. SPLASSH will be the platform that captures and shares valuable information about water that is collected by students, citizen scientists, and researchers. With their help, we can learn more about our blue planet.”

“Valuable water information is often hidden in nooks and crannies in the web or beyond reach in a file cabinet. SPLASSH provides a simple yet powerful tool that frees up that water information so it can be shared, discussed, and leveraged, empowering us to create a more sustainable water future.” – Don McEnhill, Executive Director, Russian Riverkeeper, Healdsburg, CA.

SPLASSH hopes to change the way we think about water and will use part of the funds to attend and present SPLASSH at the American Geophysical Union’s 47th annual Fall Meeting in San Francisco this December.


SPLASSH is a socially driven network that crowdsources the condition of our waterways. The mission of SPLASSH is to inspire water conservation through awareness by engaging students, citizen scientists, and researchers to share, discuss, connect, and visually consume information about water. SPLASSH’s goal is to serve as a platform where students, citizen scientists, and researchers can post their water projects, be recognized for their contributions, and connect with other water investigators. SPLASSH is an education and dissemination tool for anyone that wants to share water projects or learn more about the most important resource we have: water.

For more information about SPLASSH, please visit http://experiment.com, look for the SPLASSH campaign, and help SPLASSH tap into the power of the people.

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