Washington University In St. Louis To Shine Light On ‘Impact Investing’

pePartners presents Impact Investing Symposium in conjunction with TriLinc Global Impact Fund, Ascension Investment Management, Cambridge Associates, Breckinridge Capital Advisors and Goldman Sachs

Saint Louis — Washington University’s Olin Business School will present an Impact Investing Symposium on Friday, April 1 from 9:00 am – Noon at the Charles F. Knight Center. The event is presented by TriLinc Global Impact Fund, Asenscion Investment Management, Cambridge Associates, Breckinridge Capital Advisors, Goldman Sachs, and pePartners.

The gathering of invited students, faculty, investment experts, philanthropists, and leadership from for- and nonprofit businesses and organizations is designed to bring the subjects of impact investing and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria) to a more prominent position at Washington University and the greater Saint Louis community.

The symposium will feature keynote speaker Gloria Nelund, founder and CEO of TriLinc Global Impact Fund, former CEO of the U.S. Private Wealth Management division at Deutsche Bank and President and CEO of Bank of America Capital Management, the bank’s investment management subsidiary. Nelund has been a pioneer in the development of social impact products.

In addition to Nelund’s remarks, the symposium will include a moderated panel, Q&A breakout sessions, and a networking reception.

Martin M. Myers, managing partner and founder of pePartners, will serve as the symposium’s panel mediator. “Investments in both for- and nonprofit ventures with the intention of generating measurable and effective social impact are gaining ground, “Myers said. “We encourage capital partners to support the growth of high-impact entrepreneurs whose business models not only meet the risk-return requirements of investors but also go beyond conventional financial gain.”

Other participants include Tim Coffin, senior vice president of Breckinridge Capital Advisors; Erin Harkless, senior investment director of Cambridge Associates; Jessica Cook, senior director, business development of Ascension Investment Management; Howard Husock, vice president, research & publications of Manhattan Institute; and, Natasha Rogers, senior investment banker, public sector of Goldman Sachs.

The symposium is organized by a team of Washington University M.B.A. candidates, including Sara Berhie, Markey Culver, Terra Neilson, Maria Princen (lead organizer), Julie Stratmann, and Abhishek Venkataramanan. The students’ intent is to create an event that illuminates and amplifies the importance and viability of impact investing.

“Our intent is to educate capital partners and philanthropists about the benefits of impact investing, and present some of the building blocks required to integrate impact investing into the DNA of investors’ strategic planning,” said Culver, who is also founder & director of the Rwanda-based social enterprise, The Women’s Bakery.

Original Article Link: http://www.pepartners.net/2016/03/washington-universitys-st-louis-shine-light-impact-investing/

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