WE and College Board Launch Joint Effort To Incorporate Service Learning Into All AP Courses

-AP with WE Service will engage a new generation of youth in service learning while earning course credit-

Press Release – New York, NY (September 27, 2018) – Today, WE and the College Board announce a collaboration that will incorporate service learning into all AP courses. The College Board gives students the chance to earn college credit and placement through the AP program, which now includes AP with WE Service. AP with WE Service connects challenging academic experiences with service-learning opportunities that translate classroom lessons into hands-on problem-solving, allowing students to complete service projects on topics they are most passionate about. Through AP with WE Service, College Board’s network of 160,000 teachers and 2.8 million students across 85 countries will have the opportunity to create meaningful impact in their local and global communities.

Rooted in over 20 years of service learning, WE Schools, WE’s free domestic service-learning program, has been engaging its global network of 16,000 schools in creating meaningful change. During its pilot phase from 2015 to 2017, AP with WE Service was available in six AP courses and is now available across all AP courses. The program’s approach to course work allows students to engage in academic material through an experiential and problem-based lens, empowering them with the opportunity to take action while cultivating leadership and civic skills. To date, AP with WE Service has enhanced the AP experience for over 5,000 students in over 45 states and 15 countries. Of the teachers who incorporated the program into their course WE found that,

  • 81% reported that they will continue AP with WE Service in their classroom.
  • 73% reported that the program deepened their students’ understanding of course content

“All AP students now have access to one of the most powerful learning tools, the combination of classroom knowledge and working in real world settings and situations,” said Jason Manoharan, Vice President for AP Program Management and Strategy at the College Board. “AP students in this program have the chance to tackle real issues and challenges, find a passion and help the community around them.”

Students who complete the program requirements will earn the AP with WE Service Recognition on their official score reports shared with colleges and universities, and a certificate of completion. Schools may also update transcripts for relevant AP with WE Service courses.

“We are thrilled to partner with the College Board to bring AP with WE Service to life across all AP’s course offerings,” said Carrie Patterson, Chief Operations Director of WE Charity. “AP with WE Service challenges both students and teachers alike to reflect on every day issues in the AP course of their choice. For students, this is an incredible opportunity to not only work towards earning college credit, but also inspires them to become agents of change taking action in support of local or global causes.”

Educators and students will have tools and resources to effectively achieve service-learning outcomes. The AP with WE Service for All module guides teachers in modifying their current lessons to include learning and investigation around a specific actionable topic. WE and the College Board will offer free professional development opportunities to teachers to help prepare them to introduce service learning into their curriculum in the coming school year.

“My AP Computer Science A students and I partnered with a local community service organization in our area as well as a remote community in Kenya. Students and I agree that this work forced them to grapple with many very real world issues regarding software development. It was incredibly valuable for me and my students to participate in this project,” said Katie O’Shaughnessey, Rye Country Day School, Rye, NY

Administrators and teachers interested in participating can go to www.collegeboard.org/apwe and complete the form. Students interested in joining the program should talk to their AP teacher. For more information about WE, visit WE.org.

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