We Are Launching Booker.io, A Platform That Will Revolutionize Book Discovery

A new book lovers platform to find & share meaningful books curated by people we trust!

Press Release – Ottawa, CANADA: We are extremely happy to announce the launching of Booker.io, a social enterprise inspiring generations of bookworms, writers, readers, and luminaries. Booker is a book discovery and co-founded by Dr. Adrienne Matheson, a clinical psychologist focused on children and families. After years of clients continuously asking for book recommendations, Adrienne built Booker to help the world find & share meaningful books curated by people we trust. See Adrienne’s profile on Booker: https://www.booker.io/u/@adrienne.

  1. Problem
    Book discovery is broken. It’s too hard to find relevant, timely, and meaningful books, and it’s too hard to trust ads, book reviews, and top 10 lists. Most people lack effective strategies to find their next book, and ultimately end up relying on recommendations from people they trust. Technology can help us scale this experience to expand our networks of influence, and improve the quality and diversity of recommendations.
  2. Solution
    With Booker, we have reimagined the way we discover new books. We simply connect people, who can quickly go online and set up a new profile, to the people they trust the most. This could be Facebook friends, celebrities, colleagues, leaders, and so on, and their 9 must-read books. That’s it! It’s time we leverage our social networks to simplify decision making and curate a lifetime collection of interesting, relevant, and useful books. Booker is free & simple to use.
  3. Mission
    At Booker, our mission is to build the world’s largest book discovery platform to help people find meaningful books, and help a community of readers share ideas, knowledge, perspectives, and values that matter most. We value lifelong learning & reading.

Booker is the book discovery platform for everyone, a trusted source for the best books ever written, recommended by the people you trust, cherish and love.

About Booker.io: Booker is a book discovery platform that leverages our social networks to help us find & share useful books curated by people we trust. Booker captures everyone’s 9 must read books. It’s free, and extremely simple to use. Adding 9 books you think everyone should read takes just a few minutes, and you can easily share a gif of your 9 books on social media. Booker was co-founded by Dr. Adrienne Matheson, a clinical psychologist in Ottawa helping children and families. Now, also helping the world find & share meaningful books.

Link: Explainer Video

Twitter: @booker_io

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