WorthWild.com Launches Crowdfunding Platform to Benefit Environmental Initiatives

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A new social funding platform hit the scene on December 1st as WorthWild garners support for environmental education, conservation and change for individuals and businesses.

(Norfolk, MA) — (December 1, 2013) WorthWild is the latest online crowdfunding platform positioned to help individuals, nonprofits and businesses use their on and offline networks to drum up support, feedback and create awareness for environmental initiatives. Like popular crowdfunding sites, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, WorthWild empowers their user community to share their environmental initiatives with the crowd and to ask for support. Members are encouraged to share video pitches on this meant-to-inspire, simple to use platform. WorthWild offers project Initiators intellectual resources and provides a platform for sharing ideas, experience and project feedback.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, WorthWild is environmentally focused as they provide the platform to bring awareness and increase the impact of environmental efforts that focus on educating the youth, engaging communities in conservation and outdoor recreation and supporting the development of new products and processes for a more sustainable future. The site officially launched on December 1st, 2013.

The environmental crowdfunding platform has a focused approach with four general categories, igniting environmental action across all generations and disciplines:

1.     Education: WorthWild offers a platform to help educators request funding for projects that bring young students into the environmental fold through field trips, volunteerism and environmental education.

2.     Entrepreneurial:  WorthWild provides individuals access to monetary and intellectual resources to help move green businesses, products and community projects forward.

3.     Conservation and environmental stewardship: The crowdfunding platform provides a simple way for nonprofits to reach a broader audience when seeking funds for new equipment, sustainable building materials, or project costs.

4.     Recreation: The company provides a space for individuals to fund their forays into the wilderness and entire organizations to fund their efforts to help people discover their passion for nature through play. The crowdfunding campaigns must be for no-emission activities that do not risk significant alterations to the environment.

Co-founder, Cori Snedecor talks exclusively about why they created WorthWild, While many crowdsourcing platforms are designed solely to collect monetary support, WorthWild expands upon this model by offering a consolidated source for intellectual support and vetted resources from the environmental community. Even established businesses can contribute by becoming sponsors of initiatives in exchange for recognition on the site. We’re fostering connections in order to make a greater impact.”

“The world needs a way to creatively fund the movement to get people outdoors,” adds co-founder, Kyle Pribish.  “We’re here to make environmental initiatives fun and engaging for students and educators by combining simple video production and technology with worthwhile causes.  We’re supporting environmental initiatives that protect our resources and inspire the stewards of tomorrow. We want grassroots environmental efforts to get the attention they deserve in the crowdfunding world.”

The company is charity focused and as such is an active member of, and contributor to The Conservation Alliance, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to “engaging businesses to fund and partner with organizations to protect wild places for their habitat and recreation values.” WorthWild is also a member of 1% for the Planet and is dedicated to contributing 1% of their revenue to organizations that further the mission of supporting environmental education, innovation, recreation and conservation.

Founded in May of 2013, WorthWild is the premier crowdsourcing platform for environmentally conscious individuals and organizations to give their input and contribute financially to compelling initiatives.

The company is co-founded by Kyle Pribish and Cori Snedecor, both of whom devote their time and effort to promoting environmental efforts, getting kids outside, conserving natural habitats and playing in the outdoors themselves. The company plans on becoming the number one platform for the best environmental charities and their advocates.

For media inquires regarding WorthWild.com and their upcoming launch please contact Co-founder, Cori Snedecor at 1-617-826-9453 or via email csnedecor@worthwild.com. To learn more about WorthWild, or to begin crowdfunding visit: www.worthwild.com  

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