Bill Lerner – Founder and Co-director of Billy4Kids and President of iPark

Founded in 1978 by Bill’s father, iPark is a family business, which Bill took over and expanded into the largest, privately owned owner-operated garages and parking lots in New York State.

Having grown up in the industry, Lerner has worked across almost across almost every position in the company that helped him establish a professional, comprehensive and passionate approach to operations and services, and a consistent focus on providing the highest levels of service available in the industry. iPark has set the standard in the industry with more than six decades service to landlords and exclusive residential buildings.

Lerner is very active in philanthropy and involved in many NYC based charities and most extensively, in his own charitable association, Billy4Kids. Lerner realized that children that leave their feet unprotected in developing locations are exposed to potentially fatal parasitic and bacterial diseases borne in soil and simply wearing adequate footwear would save these children’s lives.

Therefore Billy4Kids set up drop-off boxes places all around the city (in over 20 locations) where people can drop off their old sneakers and shoes to be delivered to kids that are in need in developing townships in Haiti, Ghana and Brazil. A simple but effective idea that asks the public for nothing except their old shoes!
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