Black Rifle Coffee Co Canada Launches Holiday Gifts Supporting Veterans

Press Release – If you’re looking for holiday gifts with a purpose that support veterans and first responders, Black Rifle Coffee Company Canada (BRCC Canada) has created two custom coffee brands for their charities. The company recently launched as the first global partner for veteran-owned Black Rifle Coffee Company in Salt Lake City, Utah, and supports veterans and the community. To give back, BRCC Canada contributes a portion of all profits to Little Warriors and Operation Warriors Heart Foundation, along with creating coffee blends in their name.

Edmonton Entrepreneur and BRCC Canada Founder Darren Weeks is a business owner, investor and philanthropist, who met the BRCC Salt Lake City team at Warriors Heart (first private residential treatment center in the US for warriors only – military, veterans and first responders) near San Antonio, Texas.

Weeks is proud of his grandfathers, who served in World War II and the Korean War. Reflecting on their service, he shared, “I will always be grateful for those who have served and sacrificed. My grandfathers were proud veterans, and I will stop and remember them today.”

When Weeks joined forces with Black Rifle Coffee Company in the US (started by Former Special Forces Evan Hafer) to distribute this new lifestyle brand for our protectors, BRCC Canada adopted these two charities:

  1. Little Warriors – BRCC Canada is honoured to contribute to Little Warriors, which is a national, charitable organization based in Canada committed to the awareness, prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. Little Warriors has a “Be Brave Ranch” with a 1-year program for children that has reduced their PTSD by up to 47% afterwards. BRCC Canada VP Richie Pon explained their why, “We at Black Rifle Coffee Company Canada believe in the mission of Little Warriors and how much good they can do to help and prevent child sexual abuse. If we can help prevent the abuse of just one child, it is a win.”
  2. Operation Warriors Heart Foundation – BRCC Canada is also proud to support Operation Warriors Heart Foundation, which supplements insurance costs for military, veterans and first responders dealing with chemical dependencies, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), mild TBI and other reoccurring issues. Warriors Heart’s peer-to-peer healing program is the first private residential treatment center solely dedicated to healing warriors. It’s located on a 543-acre ranch in Bandera, Texas (outside San Antonio), and BRCC Canada Founder Darren Weeks is on their Honorary Board Of Advisors.

So when you think about unique gifts that are also doing good, consider purchasing these custom coffee blends:

  • Little Warriors Blend – Little Warriors Blend is the first custom premium-roast Canadian coffee blend by Black Rifle Coffee Company Canada. BRCC Canada gave away 300 pounds of this custom coffee blend at launch, and now you can order Ground (12 oz.) or Whole Bean (12 oz.), and/or join the Coffee Club for monthly home deliveries of this edgy, lifestyle alternative to hipster coffee.
  • Warriors Heart Blend – By purchasing Warriors Heart Blend, you become be an active participant in the mission of Operations Warriors Heart Foundation. The Foundation’s charter is to take care of those that take care of us. From 9/11 to a 911 call, our Military and First Responders have taken care of our nation and communities in our hours of greatest need. And now, we all have the opportunity to take care of our protectors by purchasing this custom coffee blend.

You can also donate directly to these charities anytime and/or by ordering BRCC Canada coffee blends online as an individual order or as a “Coffee Club” Member for a monthly subscription. The shipping is free, and it’s all for a good cause.

To support the community, BRCC Canada is also currently hiring Canadian veterans and Customer Service Representatives, along with shipping products locally from Alberta, Canada.

And while you enjoy the holidays with family and friends in the comfort of your home, don’t forget the soldiers who are away from their loved ones. BRCC Canada has continued to send coffee to Canadian troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, along giving coffee to the Edmonton Police, Firefighters and Alberta RCMP detachments. BRCC Canada would be honoured to have you be part of their support team and overall Black Rifle Coffee Company mission to hire 10,000 veterans worldwide.

Link to Custom Coffee Blends on BRCC Canada Website

Link to Little Warriors

Link to Operations Warriors Heart Foundation
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