Blue Jazz® Coffee Roasters Unveils Blue Jazz Cold Pour™

A cold brew on demand process boasting quick brew times, blending a hot bloom with a cold shock and rinse phase yielding a full spectrum of natural coffee flavors at perfect dilution for immediate enjoyment.

Press Release – Topeka, KS: In time for a hot summer this year, Blue Jazz Coffee has unveiled a new innovation in cold brew called Cold Pour. Cold Pour is a brewing method for making cold brew in minutes, not hours. The process is simple enough it could revolutionize the way coffee shops, restaurants and home brewers alike approach the beverage. Until now, cold brew has been an undertaking that involves hours of anticipation, prep work and sometimes highly elaborate specialized equipment. Additionally, to be able to brew on demand removes the requirement to plan ahead in forecasting future needs. Blue Jazz has systems for 1 and 2 gallon batches for high volume environments, as well as instructions for a hyper-fresh v60 by the cup Cold Pour experience.

Blue Jazz owner, Kevin Conard, states that “We were never satisfied with traditional cold brewing methods. Not only are they messy and time consuming, we found the flavors to be narrow and one dimensional, oxidized, at times bitter, overly concentrated, sometimes sour, and lacking the more delicate flavors found in coffee. Cold Pour solves these taste and production deficiencies.” When brewing with their carefully crafted Cold Pour coffee beans, a full spectrum of flavors become available including natural sweetness, delicate high notes and light fruit flavors that have yet to be consistently captured by traditional cold brew methods. The blending of a hot bloom and cold shock brings out everything coffee naturally has to offer, and leaves a full cup of ice with cold brew at the perfect dilution for immediate enjoyment.

Watch their innovative take on Cold Brew at

About Blue Jazz® Coffee Roasters:

Blue Jazz Coffee Roasters is a premium coffee roaster in Topeka, KS. They specialize in coffee innovations, and carefully roasting the highest quality coffee beans the world has to offer, while also pursuing their higher calling of feeding hungry kids through their meal for a bag program.

They work closely with their charitable partner, Trash Mountain Project, an organization that specializes in loving people in “trash dump communities,” where children and families scavenge landfills for recyclables, and even food. TMP implements sustainable change in these communities to get children off the dump sites and provide basic medical needs, nutrition and education. Blue Jazz supports TMP by purchasing a meal for one of their hungry kids for every bag of coffee they sell. Their love for people, and great coffee fuel their passion to be a positive influence in the world.
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