Elephant Cooperation and Shoes For Crews Partner to Save African Elephants from Extinction

Florida-based Shoes For Crews donates 400,000 pairs of shoes for resale with funds supporting elephant conservation and education programs in Africa

Press Release – San Clemente, Calif.—September 18, 2017—Elephant Cooperation, dedicated to saving elephants and helping children, today announced its latest fundraising partnership that will fund two years of anti-poaching drone operations over portions of Botswana and provide support to African Parks.

Elephant Cooperation has partnered with Shoes For Crews, the leader in slip-resistant footwear worldwide, to resell donated product in South Africa, with money from sales supporting elephant conservation projects. A warehouse will be opened in Johannesburg to sell the shoes, and the Air Shepherd anti-poaching drone program will be one of the primary recipients of money raised. Drone operations are crucial in stopping poaching, and approximately two years of drone operations over Botswana will be funded through this deal.

Additionally, Elephant Cooperation will provide financial support to African Parks, a non-profit conservation organization that takes on the rehabilitation and long-term management of protected areas in partnership with governments and local communities.

“We are so fortunate to work with Shoes For Crews on a deal that helps save these magnificent animals,” said Scott Struthers, founder of Elephant Cooperation. “My business partner Geoff Spencer, the Shoes For Crews CEO Stuart Jenkins and I all went to college together. Stuart has a real heart for our mission and wanted to help. The Shoes For Crews donation of 400,000 pairs of shoes will make a huge difference in our fight to save elephants in Africa.”

Further grants will be awarded to community outreach programs offering education and field trips to school children, many of whom have never been exposed to elephants. Elephant Cooperation hopes to instill upon future generations the importance of this keystone species, resulting in a desire to protect and preserve the African elephant.

In funding projects, Elephant Cooperation focuses its efforts on protection, awareness, efficiency and community. Its administrative costs have been completely underwritten for 2017 which allows the organization to direct 100% of funds raised to these grants and programs. Rather than set up new projects on its own, Elephant Cooperation partners with existing NGOs already doing productive work in elephant conservation. Its role is to act on behalf of its partners, raising money and other aid in America by utilizing its proven business skills and building donor relationships.

“We save lives every day at Shoes for Crews because we make shoes designed specifically to keep hard workers safe on their feet,” said CEO Stuart Jenkins. “While I didn’t expect to be saving the lives of elephants, we are all thrilled that our mission of safety aligns so well with Elephant Cooperation and that we have this opportunity to keep the elephants safe too.”

About Shoes For Crews

Shoes For Crews is the category creator and leading designer and marketer of slip-resistant footwear worldwide. Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, Shoes For Crews began producing slip-resistant footwear in 1984. Through its superior outsole technology, the Company quickly became the industry leader. Shoes For Crews strives to create a safer workplace in all industries where floor hazards are a reality. The high-performance culinary footwear brand MOZO and the work boot brand ACE are also part of the Shoes For Crews family of brands. President and CEO Stuart Jenkins, a footwear industry veteran with 38 years of experience, joined the company in February 2016 and has since brought in a seasoned design and development team. The Shoes For Crews team’s focus is to deliver the ultimate in slip-resistant outsole technology and unmatched comfort with classic and fashion styling, through a complete line of footwear designed to bring each employee home safely at the end of the shift, whether they work in food service, hospitality, industrial, healthcare or other workplace environments. For more information on Shoes For Crews, visit www.shoesforcrews.com.

About Elephant Cooperation

The brainchild of Scott Struthers, a successful California-based entrepreneur and son of a biologist, Elephant Cooperation is a non-profit devoted to raising awareness of the African elephant crisis. The organization empowers neighboring communities and supports existing conservation groups in order to tackle the issue on multiple fronts—protection, awareness, efficiency and community. The organization’s goal is to develop projects/cooperation across NGOs to use as best practices and common resources while focusing on donor relationships. Anyone wanting to support and learn more about Elephant Cooperation projects can visit www.elephantcooperation.com.

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