Finnish Raw Craft Chocolate Company Files a Patent Application for ChocOat

Organic oat chocolate with nearly 60% less sugar than traditional milk chocolate

Press Release – HELSINKI, FINLAND – APRIL 24, 2018— Goodio, a Finnish raw, vegan, hand-crafted chocolate company that makes healthful, whimsical treats, launches ChocOat, a first of its kind chocolate that uses organic oats instead of milk. The brand filed a patent application for ChocOat.

Instead of milk, the chocolate contains Finnish gluten-free organic oats. Its nutritional content contains nearly 60 % less sugar than traditional milk chocolate; the taste and texture of the product are however similar to traditional milk chocolate.

Finnish chocolate brand Goodio has filed a patent application for its new ChocOat chocolate, which challenges the traditional milk chocolate in many ways.

  • Instead of milk, the innovative product contains Finnish gluten-free and organic oats. The chocolate is dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan.
  • The chocolate is made up of 24% oats and has less than nearly 60% sugar than traditional milk chocolate.
  • Just like Goodio’s other chocolates, ChocOat includes coconut palm sugar instead of white sugar.
  • The taste and texture of the product are similar to traditional milk chocolate.

“We ourselves were also surprised by how little sugar the product contains. Our goal was to develop a delicious, blonder chocolate using only quality, nutritional ingredients. Adding oats to the recipe enables us to reduce sugar,” explains Goodio’s Chief Development Officer Taru Pilvi.

The mission of the company is to accelerate the positive change with healthful treats. Therefore, the reason for filing the patent application is different than traditionally in companies.

Jukka Peltola, CEO and founder of Goodio

“Our first thought was not to file the patent application as this would seem against our mission. Why would we keep someone from doing better chocolate?” tells Jukka Peltola, founder of the company. “There are many ethical problems in the chocolate industry that we do not accept. By filing this patent, we want to make sure that if someone else wants to make better chocolate, it is made with our company values in mind. That means chocolate that’s made from organically and ethically produced ingredients; ensuring the respect and well-being of consumers, the environment, as well as its producers,” continues Peltola.

The new ChocOat chocolates are manufactured in Goodio’s new chocolate factory in Helsinki, Finland. To use as many locally sourced ingredients the oats are produced by a Finnish company called Helsingin Mylly.

About Goodio

Goodio’s vision is to be a radically transparent company that offers quality products for the well-being of the people and environment rather than some companies which are known for being focused on maximizing profits. The company aims to reinvent chocolate and food industry by leading with example. The Finnish company is known for its strengths in the following: an organic and fair supply chain, excellent design, delicious products and always putting the well-being of the people and the planet first. Goodio’s products are manufactured from start to finish with expertise and love in Helsinki.
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