Jackie Bezos And Dwight Davis Join The Board Of Directors Of Turnaround For Children

Education Nonprofit translates the science that explains the impact of poverty-related stress on learning and behavior to catalyze school transformation; Bezos, a Leader in Education Philanthropy, aims to elevate the field of education and outcomes for children; Davis, Veteran Educator and former professional basketball player is Assistant Principal at Wheatley Education Campus in Washington, D.C.

(New York, NY) Jackie Bezos and Dwight Davis have joined the Board at Turnaround for Children, Pamela Cantor, MD, President and CEO of the leading public education nonprofit announced today. Turnaround for Children currently partners with 11 public schools in New York City, Newark, N.J. and Washington, DC, to address the obstacles to teaching and learning that stem from the stress of poverty. Over the past 13 years in 87 schools, Turnaround has broken down the process of school transformation into strategies that reduce stress, increase readiness to learn and cultivate an environment poised for academic achievement and personal growth – an approach increasingly looked upon by leading education experts and policymakers as a path to success for students facing adversity, particularly those in high-poverty communities.

Jackie Bezos, President and co-founder of the Bezos Family Foundation, has centered her work around the belief that rigorous, inspired learning environments will allow students of all ages to put their education into action. A long-time advocate of translating science into knowledge that can be put into the hands of parents, teachers, students, and caregivers, Bezos brings experience developing research-based initiatives that serve an array of young people from birth through high school. Among these initiatives are Vroom, The Bezos Scholars Program at the Aspen Institute, The Aspen Challenge, and Students Rebuild. Bezos serves on the board of directors for the Institute for Learning and Brain Science (I-LABS), The Robin Hood Foundation, Families and Work Institute, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Character Lab. She also serves as an Advisor to TED-Ed and on the Advisory Board of Global Nomads Group.

“Through her leadership of the early childhood movement, Jackie understands the importance of environments that foster healthy brain development,” said Dr. Pamela Cantor, President and CEO of Turnaround for Children. “Today she wants to bring that critical knowledge into K-12 schools and other settings in which children grow and develop. We feel tremendously fortunate to have her join our Board.”

“Turnaround for Children has been instrumental in building school culture that is rooted in brain development and behavioral science, allowing for a focus on the whole child,” said Jackie Bezos, newly elected board member at Turnaround for Children. “It is my great pleasure to join this extraordinary board and stand with Turnaround as they continue to provide secure, stable learning environments that give all students the opportunity to succeed in academics and in life.”

Dwight Davis is a product of Washington, D.C. public schools and a veteran teacher with more than a decade of experience in the classroom. He now serves as assistant principal at Wheatley Education Campus where he worked closely with Turnaround for Children to build a supportive, engaging and rigorous learning environment for his students. Prior to his teaching career, Davis played professional basketball in the United States and abroad. He earned a master of divinity degree and a master’s degree in education from Princeton Theological Seminary, as well as a certificate in teaching from Princeton University’s teacher preparation program. He is also a licensed Baptist minister.

“Dwight is a gifted master teacher who cares deeply for his students and community,” said Dr. Pamela Cantor. “We are thrilled that he is joining our board and bringing us the wisdom and understanding that comes from working closely with children and their families in schools. He understands what it means to be a teacher dedicated to building the skills and beliefs in children that enable them to overcome incredibly difficult circumstances and find real success in the classroom and beyond.”

“Too often teachers aren’t trained to deal with what we are seeing in the classroom,” said Dwight Davis, newly elected member of the board at Turnaround for Children. “Pam Cantor and Turnaround for Children are at the forefront of research and practice on trauma, its effect on children and what teachers can do about it. Teachers have to be at the table too so they can purvey this information to other teachers and administrators to help kids overcome stress to become healthier individuals and their best selves.”

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