New non-profit website has been launched to support parents of children with reading difficulties reaches out to parents around the world, providing information about how to help children displaying dyslexia, auditory processing weakness, short-term memory deficit, reading-related stress, and more. The site has a large resource directory of parent-rated programs, interventions, specialists, and research articles. was started by parents, for parents, and is sponsored by Morgan Learning Solutions. It is a free resource filled with a wealth of information to help children overcome their learning difficulties.

In a community forum, parents can interact with one another and share their experiences. Live Q+A sessions with experts are regularly offered where parents can receive specialist advice free of charge.

The site offers a library of articles related to reading, learning and education, and users can submit their own articles to share with others.

The site has a large resource library of programs, professionals and interventions. All the listings in the resource library are parent-reviewed by parents who have actually used them.

Founder David Morgan launched the site after discovering that there was no centralized resource location online that helped parents in this way, on this scale.

“Our goal is to provide a neutral zone where parents of struggling learners can come together, learn about what’s out there, get help and support…and all in a very solution-focused way. Because the fact is that there’s hope for every child to become a reader. Once you finally find the right path for your child’s specific set of challenges, walking down it becomes so much easier.”

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