One Prosper International Launches Impact Challenge

News from OneProsper International – To raise awareness of World Food Day on October 16, 2013, OneProsper International is challenging people to act to end world hunger. Starting October 16th, visit to sign up for OneProsper’s Social Challenge and donate to support small farmers in India.

Water scarcity is the key challenge for cultivating food crops in the Thar Desert region of Rajastha, India. Innovative drip irrigation systems address water scarcity problems and significantly increase crop yields and incomes within a single harvest. Increased crops yields help farmers feed their children more nutritious food and provides more time for education. The Founder and Executive Director of OneProsper, Raju Agarwal, points out that “a child with an empty stomach will not be receptive to learning.” Unfortunately, drip irrigation kits ($500 per acre) are too expensive for small farmers earning only $3 per day.

OneProsper’s social challenge enables people to combat hunger and create opportunities for education by subsidizing the cost of a drip irrigation system for small farmers. When you sign up for the social challenge at, you’ll be able to select a farmer, make a contribution for that farmer to buy a drip irrigation kit and view updates about the real impact your donations are having on the ground.

About OneProsper

OneProsper International is a new, Canada-based not-for-profit organization that provides agricultural innovations to smallholder farmers in Southern India. Founded in 2010, OneProsper supplies drip irrigation systems to help create a continuous and reliable food supply that also fuels the local economy. President of Coca-Cola Canada, Mr. John Guarino has called OneProsper “a shining example of how people can make a positive difference in the lives of so many if they are just willing to take action and commit to change.”
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