One Simple Wish to Open Supportive Home for Girls in Trenton, NJ

“Milly’s Place” to become home to girls aging out/aged out of foster care

Trenton, NJ- (July 8, 2015) – This summer One Simple Wish, the NJ-based nonprofit that has granted simple wishes to over 30,000 children in foster care all across the US, is fulfilling a really big wish for two young ladies aging out of foster care; they are building them a home.

The property, donated by Wells Fargo’s Community & Urban Stabilization Program, came with a generous cash gift to rehabilitate the structure. Located in Trenton, NJ it will become home to two young ladies who are aging out of the state’s foster care system. The residents will not only be given a place to live rent-free for two years but they will also receive a paid internship at One Simple Wish’s Trenton, NJ headquarters located less than a mile from their home. In addition the girls will receive category-based mentors to support them in the areas of Nutrition & Wellness, Lifestyle, Career Development and Finance. Using her connections as a CNN Hero & frequent spokesperson for the rights of children, Gletow will also run a Sunday Dinner Series. Held at Milly’s Place, the Sunday Dinner Series will welcome notable woman from around the country who will share their stories and a meal with the young residents.

“Each year over 20,000 children age out of our foster care system without the resources and tools needed to support themselves in an ever-changing, challenging society. I have dreamt for quite some time of having a place to welcome them to after their time in care, a place that would help ease this transition and provide them with the stability, support and structure they need to grow into the successful adults I know they have the potential to become,” said Danielle Gletow, Founder and Executive Director of One Simple Wish.

Gletow is also careful to add, “This is not a group home. This is a home; plain and simple. We are creating a home for these girls and a circle of support that will not abandon them. We are truly grateful to our friends at Wells Fargo for making this dream a reality for us and our girls.”

Milly’s Place gets its name from a combination of Gletows’ daughters’ names, Mia and Lily, in a tribute to the deep, meaningful love of a mother.

“Supporting the communities where we live and work is at the heart of everything we do at Wells Fargo,” said Linnette Shaver-Johnson, Southern New Jersey Area President for Central Jersey at Wells Fargo. “We couldn’t be more proud to support Milly’s place because of the impact it will have on the lives of these girls and so many others who will age out of the foster care system.”

Gregory Nixon of Helping Hands NJ has donated his services as General Contractor and is in need of donations of time, labor, finances and more from individuals and companies interested in giving back to an extraordinary project.

The home is expected to be ready for occupancy in Fall 2015.

About One Simple Wish

One Simple Wish is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to granting simple wishes to foster children and at-risk youth throughout the United States. At donors can browse through hundreds of wishes and select a specific one to grant based on the amount of the wish, the type of the wish and the wish recipient. Wishes range in value from $10 to $500, making wish granting simple and affordable. As of April 2015, One Simple Wish has proudly granted more than 13,500 wishes to children and families in need. For more information about One Simple Wish; to grant a wish; to volunteer; or to recommend an organization for possible inclusion in OSW’sCommunity Partner Network, please visit
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