Wicked Audio Donates Over 500 Headphones to Children’s Hospital of Nevada at UMC Following CES 2019

Popular lifestyle brand gifts collection of headphones and earbuds to children of Nevada in an effort to bring smiles to their faces during time of illness

Press Release – Salt Lake City, UT — January 31, 2019Wicked Audio, the ultimate lifestyle audio brand founded in 1994 to design and manufacture topline headphones, earbuds and portable speakers at affordable price points, used the end of this year Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as an opportunity to do good with its showcase products.

Rather than supplying show attendees with product, as most exhibitors do at the final day of the show, Wicked Audio decided its headphones and earbuds would be far more meaningful for neighboring sick children at the local hospital. At the conclusion of CES, the entire team drove to the hospital to drop off over 500 earbuds and headphones totaling an approximate value of $13,000 worth of product.

“Our brand is founded on the idea that music fuels your soul with energy,” said Paul Marshall, founder of Wicked Audio. “We create our products to give our youth a sense of self and offer a way for music to soundtrack their lives. We’re so hopeful that a small gesture like this will bring some joy to these kids.”

“We were thrilled to get the call from Wicked Audio when they explained their strong desire to bypass the traditional CES overhaul and instead do something to make our patients feel good,” said of Children’s Hospital of Nevada. Well over 500 children will benefit from this donation and now hopefully bring a little good into their hospital experience with music powered by the Wicked Audio team.”

Following the donation from Wicked Audio, hospital coordinators will be supplying their young patients with various headphones and earbuds over the course of the next few months as they are admitted and being treated in the hospital.

About Wicked Audio

Wicked Audio designs and manufactures aesthetically appealing and visually striking headphones, all of which fuse style and superior sound quality. Wicked Audio distributes its products to over 45,000 retail outlets in 25 different countries. For more product information, please visit our website at www.wickedaudio.com.

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