Imagine Scholar Wins Competition For Promoting Entrepreneurship And Innovation In Education And Confronting Youth Unemployment In Africa

UK-based charity Teach A Man To Fish has announced Imagine Scholar as the Winner of the 2014 Saville Foundation Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education. The competition has awarded organisations from 38 different countries with a total of $50,000 in prizes.

The competition was established to reward organisations in Africa that are taking an innovative, entrepreneurial and sustainable approach to education. Over 500 different organisations from across the continent, from Sudan to South Africa, Nigeria to Namibia and Burkina Faso to Burundi, took part in the competition.

“All the evidence shows that programs which are innovative, sustainable … are the most effective way to address educational challenges. This competition draws international attention to organisations’ achievements so others can learn from their success and imitate their approach,” commented Nik Kafka, Director of Teach a Man To Fish

Imagine Scholar will be awarded $10,000 as the winning organisation as well as a sponsored trip to an international conference and peer-learning workshop, business guidance, media publicity and enhanced sponsorship and donation opportunities.

Imagine Scholar is a highly intensive youth development programin the disadvantaged Nkomazi region of South Africa. Since 2010, the organization has worked with secondary school students to enhance critical thinking, build character, develop effective communication skills and create community action projects. Ultimately, it aims to empower young leaders with the tools to improve their futures, and the futures of their communities.

“Imagine Scholar has given me freedom. I don’t look at life as just a challenge to overcome anymore. I see life as an experiment where I get to understand who I really am and what I can do to make this a better world,” said twelfth grader Zinzi, now in her fourth year of the program.

Imagine Scholar is leading the way in entrepreneurship in education with their innovative and sustainable approach that impacts the people in their community.
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