LG USA Experience Happiness Initiative Amplifies Awareness Of Research-Backed Sustainable Happiness Skills In Englewood Cliffs And Englewood To Help Teachers Equip Students

Electronics Leader Gives Back By Helping Youth

Lead More Confident, Less Stressful Lives

Press Release – ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., Oct. 29, 2018 – Since launching the Life’s Good: Experience Happiness initiative a year ago, LG Electronics USA already has reached 530,000 youth across America with sustainable happiness skills. LG has been working to increase awareness and usage of LG Experience Happiness partner programs across the U.S. with a goal of reaching 5.5 million over five years.

In Englewood and Englewood Cliffs, where the company’s North American Headquarters is located, LG has partnered with public school districts to provide Experience Happiness with its partner Inner Explorer at no cost. The Experience Happiness platform equips teachers and students with the six Sustainable Happiness Skills, starting with Mindfulness through daily audio based lessons.

The Sustainable Happiness Skills have been proven through over 70 years of research to help youth better cope with the variety of stress that they face each day leading to higher GPAs, fewer behavioral issues and reductions in teacher stress. The six Sustainable Happiness Skills are: mindfulness, human connection, positive outlook, purpose, generosity and gratitude.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Smith

In keeping with its commitment to giving back to the community and in support of Englewood Public Schools cutting edge position leveraging the latest learning tools available to help their students shine, LG collaborated to host a conference for more than 200 teachers designed to increase awareness of the benefits of mindfulness for students and teachers as well as continue to encourage increase usage among Englewood teachers. During this event, Inner Explorer’s Laurie Grossman highlighted the benefits and the ease in which teachers can access it.

Over half of teens in the U.S. are affected by stress, and many lack the capabilities to manage the daunting pressures and challenges of today’s increasingly fast-paced world. Inner Explorer’s series of daily 5-to-10-minute audio-guided mindfulness practices allows students learn to be present in the moment, calm their minds, make better decisions and reflect on ways to live more focused, productive and positive lives.

With LG’s “Life’s Good: Experience Happiness” program, Englewood teachers are creating positive atmospheres to benefit their students, their students’ families and the larger community.

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