Warriors Heart Starts Operation Warriors Heart Foundation to Heal More US Protectors

To heal more US protectors, Warriors Heart starts Operation Warriors Heart Foundation that is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization based just outside San Antonio, Texas.

Warriors Heart Co-Founder and Former Special Forces Tom Spooner

Warriors Heart Co-Founder and Former Special Forces Tom Spooner

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS (PRWEB) MARCH 24, 2016: Warriors Heart announces a new Operation Warriors Heart Foundation has been set up to supplement healing costs for their “Warriors Only” (veterans, military, police officers and first responders) private addiction treatment programs for those that don’t have private funding or if insurance does not cover their costs. While insurance will cover the Warriors Heart program costs in many cases, this foundation will ensure more protectors can heal with dignity and respect.

Currently the Veterans Administration (VA) only covers a small portion of private treatment and this care is primarily done in psychiatric hospitals. In comparison, Warriors Heart treats the “whole body”, including chemical dependencies, PTSD and other mild co-occurring disorders.

Warriors Heart Co-Founder and Former Special Forces Operator, Tom Spooner (who served for 20 years, including in Iraq and Afghanistan) knows first-hand the pain of war. Tom is also a founder for Mission 22 that raises awareness of the unacceptable veteran suicide rate of 22 veterans per day in the US – and Warriors Heart is the solution-side to Mission 22 for chemical dependency.

Operation Warriors Heart Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to provide the men and women who protect us with a unique peer-to-peer healing program for “Warriors Only” just outside San Antonio, Texas. No warrior, whether military, law enforcement, fire fighter, or first responder should ever have to walk through the struggles of addiction and mental health alone.

Chris DeMeo, LE (Ret) and Warriors Heart Admissions Advocate shared the profound impact of being part of this team, “To wake up everyday with a sense of self-being has completely changed my life.”

Operation Warriors Heart Foundations mission includes:

  1. Subsidize the cost of healing programs for the 13.3 million veterans suffering from addiction and PTSD so they can heal with dignity and respect.
  2. Assist in reducing the 22 veteran suicides per day in the US and the 1 law enforcement officer suicide per day with a “War Against Suicide” by providing chemical dependency and mental health solutions.
  3. Provide warriors with new tools to be stronger when they go home to build solid relationships and contribute to their communities.
  4. Give warriors the option of taking a Service Dog home with them as an “extra battle buddy.”
  5. Provide educational and community events.

Anyone can support Operations Warriors Heart Foundation and get involved in these ways:

  1. Make a tax-deductible donation to Operation Warriors Heart Foundation with a one-time or recurring donation.
  2. Purchase Warriors Heart products (hats, jackets, t-shirts) in their online store https://warriors-heart.myshopify.com/
  3. Contact Warriors Heart to suggest/provide another way to support their mission.
  4. Join the National Awareness Campaign, Mission 22, to unite against veteran suicide.

Tom Spooner believes the VA is overwhelmed with the backlog of 15 years of war, and is proud to be part of the Warriors Heart team. According to The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, about 25 percent of military personnel returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have been diagnosed with PTSD, depression, anxiety or chemical dependency. Over half of these service men and women had more than one mental health or substance use disorder, and the rate of PTSD among these veterans was 3.5 percent higher than the civilian population.

Many have voiced a desire to assist veterans, and Operations Warriors Heart Foundation is a great way to support our Warriors by assisting them with financial support. So much goes into training our Warriors for battle, and there’s not enough resources to assist them after.

About Operation Warriors Heart Foundation

Operation Warriors Heart Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization established to provide insurance supplements for “Warriors” seeking healing for chemical dependency and PTSD at Warriors Heart unique peer-to-peer program for “Warriors Only” (veterans, military, police officers and first responders) just outside San Antonio, Texas. http://www.operationwarriorsheart.org/

About the Warriors Heart:

Warriors Heart provides a peer-to peer based solution to help the over 13.3 million American Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement and First Responders faced with the self-medicating struggles of alcohol addiction, prescription and drug addiction, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and mild TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) in a private, 40-bed facility. Along with a 28-day peer-to-peer residential treatment program, Warriors Heart will give “Warriors” the option of Day Treatment, Outpatient, and Sober Living (60 Day Minimum). With decades of experience in addiction healing, military service and law enforcement, the 3 Warriors Heart Founders are dedicated to serving warriors. Successful Private Treatment Facility Providers, Josh and Lisa Lannon and former Special Forces Tom Spooner (Former Special Forces and Mission 22 Co-Founder) are leading the team on this special mission of warriors healing warriors. Warriors Heart has also partnered with Mission 22. Warriors Heart Founders’ work has been featured in Forbes, KENS5 CBS News San Antonio, FOX 10 News Phoenix and Addiction Pro magazine. There is a 24-hour Warriors Heart hotline open now being answer by warriors, and the center will open by the end of March 2016 just outside San Antonio, Texas. http://warriorsheart.com

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